i am in no mood to learn wordpress

The more time i spent away from my computer the better i felt, so why wouldn’t i keep that up.  Why wouldn’t i look at how my computer and internet has – not joking – messed me up.

Just get off the internet!  Kathleen HannahannahaahhNa the Bikini Kill person was screaming at themselves, probably.  And now I just have to take the advice i am giving to other people and i did!

Everybodymoonjump.com is, and always should be, a food and fitness blog because it’s everything!  This summer i took some time off and just did yoga and ate really well, did a tea/water fast for mental clarity and it was one of the most important things i’ve ever done in my life, healing so clear and scary I could hear the water trickling inside me!  So scary and intense and i did it on my own.

August is coming and i hate august it is the time when I collapse and end up in hospital.  And i don’t want to be all “NOT THIS SUMMER!” because I don’t know what i’m going to be like and i don’t want to put those expectations on myself.

Time to go to the gym, I guess!  I’m getting back into weight training.  Fat April was a huge success.  Remember fat april?  I just got “ripped”  haha not really, but i made a lot of gains eating the largest quantitites of the best quality real food i could afford.  I know this is fitness nutrition one oh one, but still important to say. 

I have low concentration, i’m sick of looking at computer screens, so i’m just flitting around, trying to clean everything, freaking out about cleaning.  I cannot afford to panic anymore.  I can’t afford to always be afraid that people “might see me”  i’m realizing that there’s still a LOT of mental health work to do, especially the feeling that i’m inherently “gross” and everyone is staring at me.  This is maybe where crazy clothes come in? 

Stare at me!  Don’t stare at me!

Touch me don’t touch me! 

Be a church!  Don’t be a church, just drink enough coffee that you are still planning your life and not coughing up bile.

Bile-core BroSpankz


p/s calvin harris, right??

Don’t Worry Kids, I’m Better Than Ever



ahhhh taking a break from writing and fitness and basically spending very little on anything and eating the best i’ve ever eaten and then buying cute shirts and feeling the best i’ve ever in a long time, so i’m just enjoying it! 


as i said to my friend nicole, i’ve spent years struggling, then more years dedicated to health and fitness… time for me to take a break and cash it in!  aka i’ve got “^boy thangs^” happenin’  who knew? 


Anyways, Clara is the recipient of this years Operation AHAP artist residency.  They gonna live with me, i’ll heal them and all will be whole, complete, real….  I have so many things to say about this process, and about i got sucked into doing something the “right” way or doing it “enough”  so i’m letting go of that and trying to be more “organic with the prociesss…. UGH LISTEN TO ME “flow”  “organic” UGH UGH!!!!




I’m all instagram all the time now!  using it for poetry because reconnecting to the original joy of writing  haha “i’m that super positiveeee writier dude”  whatevv im gay so still interestin

Cities Are The Landscape Equivalent To Having Too Many Internet Tabs Open

We need to make a word for that quick hand swipe motion we do when we suddenly realize we have three screens open and trying to carry on three conversations at once.  The hand swipe and head shake as we say to ourselves, “Woah.  Too much going on.”

Too much going on.

Cities are the landscape equivalent to having too many internet  tabs open.  (You know how “tabbers” can be!  I am one of them, don’t worry!)  Being exposed to more opportunity does not mean you are exposed to the right opportunities.

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